Walk Through Checklist

A thorough walk-through of the property just prior to taking possession is a good way to limit surprises and preserve that tremendous feeling the first time you put the key in the lock and open the door to your new home.

We’ve put together a checklist to help guide you through this process. After completing the walk through, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office.


[] Look for any signs of damage to exterior surfaces that were not apparent during the inspection. Damage to areas around doors may have occurred during the moving process.

[] Confirm ant items due to convey are present.

Ex: Swing sets, Storage sheds, etc.


[] Check operation of all the doors, confirm automatic door opener transmitters are present if doors openers are installed.

[] Look for any signs of damage around house access doors.

[] Operate windows.

[] Operate lights.


[] Turn on all appliances and confirm proper operation.

[] Run water in sinks, confirm the presence of hot water and look for leakage at drain lines below fixtures.

[] Check cabinets for signs of damage of missing hardware.

[] Operate windows and doors.

[] Operate lights.


[] Flush toilets as well as run water in sinks, bathtubs and showers. Confirm the presence of hot water, check for proper drainage and look for leakage at drain lines below fixtures.

[] Look for physical damage to plumbing fixtures that were not apparent during the inspection.

[] Operate windows and doors.

[] Operate lights and exhaust fans, if present.


[] Look for damage to walls and floors that may have been blocked by furnishings, carpeting or stored items at the inspection.

[] Operate windows and doors.

[] Operate lights.


[] Look for evidence of water penetration that was unknown or undisclosed during the prior inspection. *Turning on the dishwasher, (if present), flushing toilets, running water in sinks and bathtubs are advised BEFORE the basement check to allow time for any leakage to show up in the basement.

[] Check all major systems (heating, plumbing supply and drain piping, water heater and electrical panel) for indications of damage, corrosion or obvious signs of undisclosed problems that may have occurred since the inspection.

[] Operate thermostats and confirm heating and/or cooling systems function as before. Note: DO NOT operate air conditioning system if the outside temperature is or has been below 65 degrees 12 hours prior to the walk through.


[] Confirm the presence of anything that was due to convey with the property.

Ex: Lighting fixtures, fireplace equipment, window treatments, carpet, ect.

[] Confirm the property is in “broom swept” condition. Any boxes, wood, debris that were not supposed to convey should have been removed. It’s not uncommon for debris to be left in the attic, crawl spaces or basement areas. Especially ones that are difficult to access.

[] Look for manuals /warranties/paperwork on all the appliances and systems that convey.